Everyone can easily picture a “Norman Rockwell” serene and peaceful setting where a boy sitting on a dock lets his legs dangle for the fish to pick at. Unfortunately Mother Nature and the pressures of urbanization have something else in mind. Stormwater lakes and ponds can easily look like cesspools or be confused for a field if left too long to the ravages of nature. While we can’t stop nature or the pressures of urbanization from overflowing into your pond, ARM can provide both one-time crisis treatments and scheduled monthly treatments that will keep your water body looking its’ best.

There are many nuisance and highly invasive plants that easily can take over your pond. These can be brought in by wind, birds, or human. The net result is that there can be a problem of magnitude that can take years to correct. Some plants have evolved to a level where they can be exceedingly difficult to control, let alone eradicate. The Hydrilla spp. is one example of an unwanted plant that is not only highly invasive, it is also extremely difficult to eradicate. Another plant that is the world’s number one pest plant problem, Water Hyacinth, is actually sold in many nurseries. It is a beautiful plant – when it is contained. When left to its own, it can easily take over a pond.

ARM is licensed and insured with many years of experience in giving you solutions to your problems. We are licensed and insured to apply the EPA registered herbicides and algaecides in Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland and Delaware. If you have an issue call us at 800-761-1715 and let us help you find a solution.