Clean healthy water features not only promote natural habitats and the environment, they increase the value of the property. Providing a range of products including both surface and subsurface aeration systems, and floating fountains in all sizes, we have a solution when looking to improve water quality or simply provide aesthetic enhancement.

Our goal is to provide energy efficient systems that offer reliable, trouble free operation for years of satisfaction and support this with the industry’s most comprehensive warranties on our products.

Innovative technology, superior craftsmanship and a dedication to providing the highest quality products and services allows us to meet the requirements of the residential market. These requirements include finding cost effective, simple solutions to water quality management, detailed specification data for project development, and superior customer service to walk you through the process of selecting and sizing systems that meet your exact needs.

Insect Management:
Stagnant, non-moving water is a necessary condition for the reproduction process of mosquitoes and other insects. The wave action created from our aeration and fountain systems break the surface tension of the water in ponds and lakes deterring these insects and their breeding.

Supporting Natural Habitats:
Aeration is able to consume excess nutrients that are harmful to ponds and their inhabitants. Providing an environmentally friendly solution to improving water quality, the use of aeration supports healthy aquatic habitats for fish and wildlife, while creating naturalized landscapes to be enjoyed by all.

Environmental Solutions:
Stormwater ponds are becoming a fixture to many residential communities, especially those under new development. Designed to capture all the run-off from parking lots and surrounding areas these ponds inevitably become trash basins of debris and excess nutrients that can easily turn a pond into a foul smelling eyesore. Our aeration systems effectively treat the causes of water quality problems by inducing oxygen into the water column and consuming these excess nutrients to leave the pond clean, healthy and attractive.

Flexible Solutions:
Offering a range of products from surface spray to sub-surface aeration systems, and fountains that can accentuate the magnificence of a clubhouse, we are able to provide proven aeration and aesthetic enhancement.

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