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Maintaining a healthy aquatic ecosystem is a full-time, year-round enterprise. One of the most important factors involved with maintaining such an aquatic ecosystem revolves around the science of aeration through floating fountains and lake aeration subsurface systems (sometimes referred to as bubblers). Simply stated, every body of water requires oxygen. Floating fountains and lake aeration subsurface systems (bubblers) are the techniques Aquatic Resource Management uses to provide your body of water with enough oxygen to remain healthy and viable. Most importantly, aeration aids in the control of:

  • Algae blooms and anaerobic pathogens like e-coli
  • The release of noxious gasses such as of hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, methane and carbon dioxide
  • The release of phosphates and heavy metals like iron and manganese
  • Oxygen depleted fish-kills
  • Plus, other harmful bacteria that can cause fish and waterfowl disease

Aquatic Resource Management achieves proper water body aeration by using floating pond fountains and lake aerators or bubblers. Lake aerators (or bubblers) release fine oxygen bubbles at the bottom of the pond or lake, and as the bubbles flow to the surface they release oxygen into the surrounding water molecules along the way. Floating Fountains aid in aeration near the surface of the pond or lake as cascading water creates bubbles both on and just beneath the water’s surface. While aerators and floating fountains increase the oxygen levels within a pond or lake, they also increase the aesthetic value of the surrounding property.

Aquatic Resource Management proudly uses Otterbine fountains and aeration systems. Visit our Otterbine Page or the Otterbine website for information on Commercial, Residential, Golf, Municipal and Industrial fountains and services.

In addition to the Otterbine System, ARM is also the distributor, installer and authorized service center for these floating fountain and lake aeration (or bubblers) manufacturing companies:

Aquatic Resource Management brings over 50 years of combined experience to the Lake Management Industry. We are proud to offer our clients the very best in service capabilities.

We have a highly trained staff and perform all our services in house. This helps you by knowing you only have to deal with one company. And that provides you with the “peace-of-mind” satisfaction you need to have in protecting your investments.

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